Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creating WOW Learning Experiences in Compliance Training

One of the goals I share with my instructional design team this year is "to create WOW learning experiences." It is part of our 2013 continuous improvement effort.  Last year was our first year operating as an Enterprise Learning and Development group.   We spent most of the year building the team, introducing tools, and developing the processes we need to support the lines of business with learning services.  This year, we want to make the most of the capability we have created.  

An area in which it is especially challenging to find ways to create WOW learning experiences is in compliance training.   This is often considered the "necessary evil" of the learning world.  It poses the instructional designer with an uphill battle in that the content is usually not core to the target audience's work, and it is not generally compelling by nature.  It is certainly not easy to make "lock out, tag out procedures" or "record retention policies" come to life in an eLearning module, but there are ways to do it.   I have challenged my team to look for more opportunities to use story-based or game-like approaches, and to take advantage of our in-house graphic designer to include images, animations, or videos that can add visual interest and make learning points clearer.

I just came across this slideshare presentation from Cammy Bean at Kineo: Cammy Bean's Learning Visions: Compliance Makeover!   In this presentation, Cammy provides 10 tips for giving compliance training a makeover.  These tips represent the kind of things I'm asking my team to do to create WOW learning experiences.  Thanks Cammy!


  1. Congratulations on taking this approach. Too often compliance training is seen as a necessary evil, I’ll be following your story with interest to see how it can be made engaging and exciting.

    1. Ara,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. it is a challenge to create engagement for topics that are rarely of primary interest to the audience - but that is the nature of compliance.


  2. With the advancement in technology, learning sets up to a different level. Compliance training is taken as a vice, but the way you make us understand is truly appreciable. Thanks for making us believe that compliance training can also be exciting. Great move and post!