Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 10 Tools for Learning in 2011

Each Year, Jane Hart founder of the Center for Learning & Performance Technologies invites learning professionals from around the globe to vote on top tools for learning.  Voting closes tomorrow November 13.  Afterwards, she will publish the final list.

It is tough to limit choices to 10 tools, but here is the list I submitted based on what we have been using inside my company, and what I have been using personally for informal learning, development and collaboration.
  1. Microsoft SharePoint - we have been using this to create learning environments around formal courses to enable informal learning - includes wikis, shared calendars, document repository and many other joyful tools!
  2. Yammer - our enterprise microblogging tool has provided a venue for groups to form and learn from each other.  Informal learning, collaboration, social learning, sharing - it all happens here.
  3. Microsoft Office Communicator - share your desktop and video conference using voice over IP in an instant.
  4. Delicious - my personal knowledge management favorite.
  5. Skype - bringing people together - even when they're not!
  6. YouTube - when you want to make a point clear to people, you can usually find a brief video to share that does it for you.
  7. Dropbox - new to me and moving up the list. With the growth of tablets, this tool becomes more important for sharing.
  8. SlideShare - great for researching presentations and sharing your own
  9. Twitter - I've learned more through the connections I've made through twitter over the last two years than through any other means.
  10. Ted Talks - If you haven't seen one, check them out.

If I could have added two more I would have added Evernote, and of course, Blogger.

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