Monday, July 19, 2010

Social Media Tools within Social Media Tools

I recently came across a Twitter post from @simbeckhampson which brought me to this Youtube video.  It is a video of Paul Simbeck-Hampson in Bavaria demonstrating Amplify which is an autopost tool that automatically posts something you've written in one social media to another, or several others.   For example, you can post something on Amplify and have it simultaneously (well nearly) posted to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

But the really cool thing about this demo is how many social media tools are being used here at once.  Paul is demonstrating the power of Amplify connectivity in Second Life by showing how a post made there can get across to multiple networks with one hit.  He shows us his Twitter feed and Facebook feed and a few others along the way.  He then posts the whole thing on Youtube, and now you are reading about it in a blog. Pretty cool stuff!


  1. Since making this video there have been many improvements on Amplify and many more are still planned. Recently Mobile Amplify was launched and it's proving very popular; currently iPhone and Android platforms are supported with more coming soon.

    The amount and frequency of new features being added is second to none. The Amplify Team listen very carefully to those using the platform, but perhaps the most important factor is that they use Amplify on a daily basis themselves; they are as much a user as everyone else.

    Amplify sits right in the middle of my social presence and is, in my opinion, the number one tool for social learning... considering the competition ie. facebook, twitter, wave, buzz etc... that's indeed high praise (and no, I'm not on commission (yet ;), I'm just a regular user.

    This recent discussion, started by Eric Goldstein, will give you a much better understanding of 'What Amplify is' -

    Thanks for the post Peter and I do hope to see you on Amplify soon :-)

    Best, Paul

  2. Amplify accomplishes this dramatic change through optimizing certain Windows settings that bottleneck your connection. These registry settings have never been set to the optimized level, and lack in their potential.

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